Sweet and Sour Homemade Sweet Lemon Pickle

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Lemon pickle is the most widely used and made pickle in India. Every body loves pickle. Lemon being a very rich source of vitamin C is very healthy and used widely in Indian and even western kitchens. Here I have prepared a Sweet Lemon Pickle using Jaggery/plam sugar. It does not contain oil and is sweet sour and spicy. Jaggery/palm sugar is also very healthy and used extensively in India. It has many medicinal properties.

Our neighboring aunty helped in making this pickle. She guided me how to make it. She is very generous and helps me like my mom if i have any doubts. This turned out to be super hit in my house. It can be made very easily. but before having it we need to wait for a month atleast for all the juices to penetrate in the lemon skin and the skin to become tender.  Make this lemon this summer season and enjoy it.

What do we need:-

15 Lemons, ripe and fresh

50 gm Red chillie powder

2 tsp Turmeric powder (haldi)

1 tsp Asafoetida powder (hing)

Salt to taste (approximately 100 gm)

1 cup Jaggery/Plam sugar (gud/gul) grated/slivered

How do we do it:-

1 Wash, wipe dry the Lemons the earlier day. Keep them overnight.

2 Cut them into 8 cubes per lemon and try to remove the seeds from it as they will make the pickle bitter.

3 Take the grated jaggery in a vessel and keep it to melt with 1-2 tbsp of water.

4 When it melts 75 % remove from flame and keep aside. The remaining jaggery will melt in its own heat.

5 Keep it to cool to room temperature.

6 Take a mixing bowl and mix the lemons with all the other ingredients.

7 Put the mixed lemons in the melted jaggery vessel and boil the mixture for 10-15 minutes.

8 This process will release the lemon juice and will make the lemons soft and the pickling process will be fastened.

9 Boil the mixture till it becomes a bit thick (not too much, it should be like syrup consistency).

10 Remove from flame and keep aside to cool.

11 Before bottling, mix properly, check for taste.

12 After bottling store in cool dark place.


1 If you don’t want to boil the mixture you can just add the melted jaggery and all other ingredients and bottle it up. This will take more than a month for the lemon skin to get soft.

2 Do not mix the pickle for the first 3 days. Later from then you have to stir it once everyday till the lemon skin has become soft and transparent.

3 Remove the seeds as they will make your pickle bitter.

4 Use a dry wiped spoon for stirring the pickle everytime you stir it and close it air tight.

5 It will take about 15-20 days or more for the skin of the lemon to get soft and this pickle will stay for a year or so.

6 Check the seasoning as everybody’s taste is different and adjust it accordingly.

13 thoughts on “Sweet and Sour Homemade Sweet Lemon Pickle

    • hey dear… Asafoetida or asafetida, is the dried latex exuded from the living underground rhizome or tap root of several species of Ferula, which is a perennial herb. it gives nice smell and flavour to the pickle. You will easily get it in the indian stores….and if not you can leave it out….but here we put it for sure….no problem,if you want you can leave it out as there is no substitute for it….:) the pickle will taste as good

  1. Hi Namita…
    I just went through the sweet n sour lemon pickle recipe of yours….
    I intend to make this….but you have not mentioned when to add the red chilly powder n asafoetida. Should it be added along with the lemon to the jaggery n cook for 10 -15 min or after the whole cooking process is done before bottling?

    • Hey Becky,
      First you have to melt the jaggery….then coat the lemon cubes with all the dry ingredients and then add to the melted jaggery and boil it together. Hope this solves your doubts…ask if you have any doubts dear….

      Thank you.

  2. Hi,
    I put the lemon in boiling water to soften the skin and then cut them and put it in the jaggery and sugar syrup along with salt, red chilli powder, turmeric etc. When I do the pickle in India the skin is soft after boiling but now when I do in Toronto the skin is bit chewy , can you plz. Tell me how to make the skin less chewy.

    • Hey Smita…sorry for the late reply…..was busy with some personal things…..I think you have boiled it much longer so they have become chewy. Keep it bottled and with time it will soften….dont worry i too have made the same mistake the first time….:) with time it will soften off….

      • Thanx for the advise Namita. This time I’ll boil the lemons and keep in salt mixture for few days and then add the ajaggery syrup with red chilli powder. I’ll also see that the lemons are not boiled for long . Just put them in boiling water and remove from stove and keep covered for few mins. Let’s see if the peel is softened by this method.

  3. hi namita,
    i just want to know what all we can add to make turmeric (yellow) lemon pickle .will you please let me know the ingredients?

    • Hey Apurva…never made a yellow lemon pickle but will let you know for sure…sorry for the late reply dear…:)

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