Fried Chicken wings/Drumsticks with Tandoori masala

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My mom always makes this when we visit my parents place and it is a favourite of my son also, off course we also love it.  The other day we got this to make it as my son loves these. Here I have not used much red chillie powder as my son also eats them. You can add more red chilli as per your taste. I thought it would be difficult making it but it is actually very easy to make it and super tasty. I somehow find the tandoori we get here from outside a bit dry. But these homemade wings were nice and moist. As marinating is a key step to making this yummy, one should keep it marinating at least for ½ an hour.  As we don’t have tandoor’s at home’s normally I make it pan fried and it tastes yum. It’s a nice option for trying this yummy wings at home.


Like most great recipes, Tandoori Chicken has an interesting story. It starts in the 1920s with a man named Kundan Lal Gujral who opened a restaurant called Moti Mahal in Peshawer during the time when India was united under British rule. Experimenting with new and interesting food preparations, Gujral decided to try cooking chicken in the tandoors–clay ovens–used by local villagers to cook bread. The earthenware ovens were bell-shaped and set into the earth and fired with wood or charcoal. They could reach temperatures of about 900 degrees. Using young chickens, Gujral was able to cook them in the high-heat ovens so that the inside was just done and the outside crisped. The result would make him famous.


In 1947, the Punjab province of British India was partitioned with the Eastern portion joining Pakistan and Western India. Peshawer, with its Muslem majority, became part of Pakistan. Gujral found himself one among many Sikh and Hindu refugees fleeing the rioting and upheaval by heading West to India. He moved his restaurant to Daryaganj, Delhi. As chance would have it, the move into the newly independent India would make Gujral’s chicken an international phenomenon.


The first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, happened to eat at Moti Mahal and was so impressed by the crispy, tender dish that he made a point of planning many state banquets there. Foreign dignitaries that enjoyed Tandoori Chicken included American Presidents Richard Nixon and John Kennedy, Soviet leaders Nikolai Bulganin and Nikita Khrushchev, the King of Nepal, and the Shah of Iran. The relationship between the restaurant and the leaders of India lasted through several generations of Prime Ministers. The result of the fame is obvious-Tandoori Chicken and its derivative, Butter Chicken, are standards on Indian menus the world over. Chicken Tikka Masala–a dish immensely popular in Britain and America–is also based largely on these dishes. For better or worse, Gujral’s son has launched Moti Mahal into an international chain.


The popularity of cooking in a tandoor has led to many home chefs building their own (the internet has several accounts of how this is done), but you don’t need to build a clay oven to still get great tasting Tandoori Chicken-your charcoal grill will work just fine. The key is a very hot, dry fire. The chicken must cook just until the center is warm enough and the outside should crisp and seal in the juice.


What do we need:-

5 pieces Chicken wings/drumsticks

¼ cup Curds (dahi)

2 tbsp fresh cream

1 tbsp Ginger paste (adrak)

1 tbsp Garlic paste (lehsun)

1 tsp Garam masala

1 pinch Dried fenugreek leaves powder (karuri methi powder)

1 tsp Black pepper, crushed (kalimirch)

1 pinch Coriander seed powder (dhania powder)

1 tsp Red chilli powder (you can add more if you want)

1 pinch Cumin powder (jeera powder)

½ tsp Lemon juice (nimbu)

2 tbsp Oil

Salt to taste


How do we do it:-

1 wash the chicken wings nicely in running water.

2 Make 3-4 small cuts on each chicken wing and keep aside.

3 Take a mixing bowl and add all the ingredients and mix nicely.

4 Add the chicken wings to the marinate and coat them nicely.

5 Keep them to marinate for at least ½ an hour.

6 Heat a non-stick pan. Add little oil if you want.

7 Put the marinated chicken wings in the pan and cover it with lid.

8 Keep it on a low flame so as not to burn them.

9 after 5-7 minutes remove the lid and flip them to other side cover and keep again.

10 Fry them nicely from all sides. When the chicken turns white from pink then its done.

11 Check if its cooked or else let it be for few minutes.

12 Serve them hot with any salad or dip.