Tandalachi Kheer (Rice Porridge)

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This is the most fantastic and easy kheer anyone can make. It is just delicious and requires very few ingredients. This kheer or porridge is made in India and even in western countries. I prepare it many times and it is absolute delight to have it. It can be served hot as well as chilled. You can add dry fruits of your choice and can make it as per your sweet tooth.

It is made with rice/ chawal and also called as chawal ki kheer in hindi. It is basically rice which is cooked with milk and sugar to give it a kheer texture. This kheer is very popular throughout India. It is prepared not only in one region but all over India. You can use any flavour of your choice. The most common flavour that it is made with is the cardamom/ elaichi flavour. Here i have used Cinnamon/ dalchini to give it a more exotic taste.

As dal/ lentils, Rice is also a very widely consumed in India. More in South India to be specific. There are many items made of rice. The Idli, Dosa and many of the breakfast items are made of rice. Biryani, pulao and many other rice preparations are also very famous here. Dessert made of rice include this Rice Kheer, Phirni and many others.

Experimenting with your own flavours to give it your own twist and touch. Do make it and enjoy it chilled…

What do we need:-

½  Cup Rice

½ litre Milk

¾ th cup Sugar

2 One inch Cinnamon sticks (Dalchini)

2 tbsp Raisins (kishmish/manuke)

1 tbsp Ghee (clarified butter)

How do we do it:-


1 Roast the rice slightly without oil. Cool and grind it to coarse granules.

2 Heat the ghee and fry the Raisins in the ghee just a little and keep aside.

How do we proceed:-

1 Heat the Milk in a heavy bottom vessel. When it is warm enough add the grinded rice and cook the rice in the milk with stirring continuously.

2 Cook the rice in the milk nicely and then add the Sugar and the cinnamon sticks and stir.

3 Add the Raisins and cook till the mixture thickens.

4 Serve it hot or chilled garnished with raisins.


1 You can use any time of rice you want. Here I have used basmati.

2 You can make your own variations by adding different dryfruits or Saffron and spices.